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About me

What do I do

My photos are much more than moments or feelings that can always be remembered everyday.

About Me

By profession I'm a Biomedical Scientist but always had a great passion for photography. I'm very observant, determined and dreamy and I try to give my best in everything I do. I started in photography with 17 years old and, since then, photography is the passion of my life. I like to photograph anything that might involve emotions, feelings, beauty, human beings, among many other things. I always try to capture the spontaneity and the natural beauty of every moment, creating unique and artistic images. Try to put love and sensitivity in the work I do.

In this my little corner, I intend to show you my best and my job since I was 17 years old.

Talk to me

It would be my pleasure to meet some of your history and tell it in beautiful pictures!

If you want to book your session with me, date of wedding or baptism or just contact me to know me a little better, send a message and I will be happy to talk to you!